District Tax Information


The Manheim Central School District Real Estate Tax is mailed to district residents on or about July 1 of each year. The tax can be paid at any branch of Fulton Bank or mailed to the address indicated on the tax notice. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE TAX STUB WITH YOUR PAYMENT.

The real estate tax is based on the assessed value of your property and buildings. The assessed value of your property is determined by the County of Lancaster. To verify your assessed value, you may contact the Assessment Office at the Lancaster County Courthouse at 299-8381 or visit the County of Lancaster's Home Page at www.co.lancaster.pa.us.

The millage rate for the fiscal year 2014-15(beginning July 1, 2014) for the Manheim Central School District is 17.1848 mills. You can calculate your tax by multiplying the millage rate by your property's assessed value. For example, a property valued at $100,000 multiplied by .0171848 (mills) yields a tax of $1,718.48.

A property owner can estimate the property tax based on the assessed value.  Follow the link Tax Calculator.

To learn about the option to pay taxes with a credit card, follow the link Credit Card Payment.
To learn about the option to pay taxes uses electronic check follow the link E-Check Payment.
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